Workshops and Events

What is all about?

ImFusion GmbH x Medical AI workshop

We had a fantastic Medical AI workshop with ImFusion at ImFusion's HQ in the Munich Technology Center. Dr Mattia Lupetti (Sr. Research Scientist) and Stefan Haninger (Software Engineer) presented insights and challenges from ImFusion's long experience in the field, use cases of AI for Imaging and how to leverage the ImFusion Suite and Labels to streamline our AI projects. 

AI Bootcamp - Summer 2022

Over a course of 3 days our new joiners and existing members had the chance to learn about the basics of AI and worked in a guided session to use computer vision to detect pneumonia from x-ray scans. Additionally, Alexander Machado from appliedAI provided us with an insightful crash course on MLOps. Later our members learned about the basics of NLP while working hands-on with OpenAI’s GPT3. - Shoutout goes to our Education department and the amazing Hai Dang who organized and realized this entire event!

Infineon Campus Visit 

Last Friday we visited Infineon's HQ at Campeon where the experts of the AI Center of Excellence presented their #AIstrategies and use cases in the #semiconductor industry. 12 members were invited to visit Infineon's HQ. The experts at Infineon Technologies presented their AI strategies and use cases in optimizing their business and manufacturing operations and gave us a peek behind the curtains at Infineon. 

Workshop - Aleph Alpha

Aleph Alpha, Europe's leading independent AI R&D company and the community joined forces for an exclusive deep dive on the topics of Aleph Alpha's research, why AI made in Europe matters and how they work with responsible AI. Later in the workshop, we got the chance to use Aleph Alpha's MAGMA and LUMINOUS models hands-on to design a contextual and image recognizing chat-bot together with the company's experts! In the future, Aleph Alpha & will be exchanging knowledge through  further academic collaborations. meets Speedinvest VC

The community could once again gain an exclusive look behind the curtains of venture capital enabled by our friends from Speedinvest, one of Europe‘s leading VC firms! The legendary Rick Hao shared insights on the topic of the VC perspective on deep tech startups, how teams behind such ideas are usually set up and what they often lack, as well as what possible perils to look out for and which promises to focus on! We also got a special peek at what technologies and fields Rick considers most exciting and promising for the upcoming decade! meets Earlybird VC (Uni-X)

Recently, Earlybird raised their first UNI-X fund which is specialized in university spinoffs. The experienced VC  investors Michael Schmitt and Michael Hoeck joined us for an online workshop covering Earlybird's latest investment hypotheses in tech, their experience with AI startup teams, and which ideas they would love to see built by members in the future. (Earlybird is one of the most successful VCs in Europe. Founded in 1997, Earlybird invests in all growth and development phases of a company, With EUR 1.5 billion under management and seven IPOs) Entrepreneurship Labs - AI4Good - KNUST Ghana 

This AI4Good Workshop by is a two-fold program in a cooperation with the biggest university in Ghana — KNUST. After two eventful weeks, the top 10 teams from KNUST pitched their projects in applied AI in front of an expert jury.   In the AI E-Labs we strive to bridge the gap between AI enthusiasts and domain experts!

Workshop - BCG Gamma - AI in Banking 

Nowadays, many banking institutions are looking to incorporate Big Data and AI approaches into their operating model, facing seemingly insurmountable technical hurdles. Together with BCG Gamma we took a deep-dive into this field and worked on a real-world case from a data science  consultant's perspective. Afterwards, we had a nice dinner and an insightful networking session. meets ETH AI Center

The ETH AI Center is the central hub for artificial intelligence for an interdisciplinary coalition of over 100 professors and research groups at ETH Zurich.  Alex Ilic, the head of this prestigious institution, held an exclusive info session and provided our members with insights about PhD and Master Thesis opportunities at ETH Zurich.

MAKEATHON - October 2021

The Makeathon was a virtual 48-hour challenge where each team submitted a "Business Model Canvas" and an AI based application prototype. The primary goal of the competition was to create the most innovative business idea with a foundational AI application. Workshops and assistance from Industry Experts were also provided!

Workshop - Cherry Ventures VC

Together, with an investor from Cherry Ventures, we had an intense deep dive into the basics of startup funding for AI ventures and working in the startup ecosystem. In the session, we learned about the dos and don'ts when approaching VCs, how to create "FOMO" among investors, or how a cap table works. 

Workshop - Neural Search

What is neural search?  Why it is important and what it can be used for? In this workshop  we were introduced to Jina's open source search framework and got to work on challenges such as finding images similar to an input image with neural search.

AI Bootcamp

At the beginning of every semester we provide an intensive series of workshops to advance our understanding of recent developments in the field of data analytics. This also  ensures that all of our new members have a solid understanding of AI and related strategic  processes.

WORKSHOPS and speaker events regularly hosts speaker events where our ambitious members as well as interested followers get the chance to learn from professional AI engineers, business specialists and various domain experts.

At the beginning of every semester, we organize an AI Makeathon. In teams of four, participants work on challenges provided by partner companies and develop MVP  applications, as well as corresponding business concepts and pitches.