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Do you want to push the boundaries of what is possible using AI and put your abilities to the test in real industry projects? Are you ready to take on responsibility and leverage your skills acquired in previous university projects or internships? Then the Industry projects of TUM.ai are exactly the right opportunity for you to progress in your AI career! 

Over a timeframe of around 10x weeks, you will be working as a fully compensated working student with the guarantee of having high impact and freedom when creating solutions for our renowned partners. While earning a total compensation 2250€ (15€ per hour, 15h per week), you can make valuable contacts and connect to potential future employers! 

For our upcoming industry phase, starting in September 2022, we are collaborating with 6x pre-selected partners who have prepared projects exclusively for you!

Application deadline: 15th of August

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What can you expect?

An Industry Phase is a project phase developed by students for students who want to apply their theoretical and technical AI knowledge in real-world scenarios. Structurally, a typical phase consists of approx 6x industry projects — 10-week programs with teams of 3 to 4 participants taking on the partners’ challenges. Each team will have a one Team Lead who has previous experience in project management to organize your flow and guide you to success. During these weeks we organize Community Evenings to get together and enjoy some quality time, Expert Lectures designed to deepen your knowledge in the application field and AI, Milestone Meetings to share the progress of the teams and the Final Pitch Day to show the final achievements As a bonus, companies provide the compensation and possibility for further recruitment! 👀

Completed Industry Projects

Explore how our AI enthusiasts have
created measurable impact in the past.  

Industry Project - TUM MRI Radiology - Klinikum Rechts der Isar

"The Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology performs and evaluates examinations using ultrasound, conventional X-ray technology, CT and MRI. Participants will collaborate and will be mentored by radiologists to learn about the specifics of medical imaging formats (such as DICOM) and the basics of medical knowledge required for the task. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to participate in seminars and meetings by the Institutes of Radiology and AI in Medicine."

Industry Project - TURTLE - Maritime Matchmaking

The bloodstream of the global economy, ocean shipping, is run by nearly 2 million seafarers globally. However, the labour market for seafarers is fragmented, in-transparent and struggles with corruption. TURTLE wants to empower the seafarer and enable a digital, efficient, and compliant market free from corruption and other illegal and immoral activities. Join a team of industry professionals building a global online job marketplace that connects ship owners and seafarers directly, work in a fast-growing startup and with strong social impact!

Industry Project - Leevi Health - Baby Health Monitoring

Leevi is igniting a new era of digital health for babies. Leevi helps parents accurately understand the wellbeing of their babies through individualized insights via the Leevi bracelet, which is designed for infants aged 0 to 3 years. This wearable continuously measures all relevant wellbeing and sleep parameters and converts these data points into valuable information and actionable insights in an an app. 

Industry Project - Cognote.ai - Medical Speech Recognition

During this industry project, you will work broadly on conversational speech recognition technology for the medical domain. This will involve the assembly of a German speech dataset, training (and/or fine-tuning) large modern speech models on our compute infrastructure and evaluating their effectiveness relative to current cloud offerings. Depending on the progress, speech model fine-tuning for structured data extraction is also considered!

Industry Project - Presize.ai 

 We created a recommender system for clothing sizes and benchmarked it against Presize’s own technology. This way we actively contributed of Presize's s vision of reducing the amount of paercel-returns. 

Industry Project - Heimkapital

We developed solutions to make an impact on the financial independence of homeowners by implementing an AI that can predict real estate prices based on population data.

Industry Project - DynaGroup & Veritas PR

We created an NLP-based system that can paraphrase sequences of text while reliably preserving the meaning - making online content creation easier and less-time consuming for smaller companies and non-profits.

For future partner companies?

TUM.ai Industry Projects allow companies to rapidly and affordably develop AI solutions while enabling ambitious students to bridge the gap between theory and practice. We grant you access to Munich's greatest pool of pre-selected talent in the field of AI and Data Analytics, while guaranteeing for high-quality solutions, without engaging in any long-term liabilities. 

 text us via industry@tum-ai.com