The 48h challenge for all
innovative thinkers is BACK!
15th - 17th of October, no programming skills required!

The Makeathon was a virtual 48-hour challenge where you work on a real world business case and implement an AI application with a team of talented participants from various backgrounds. Every team got access to a pool of powerful AI models, which stem from different domains, such as, Regression Analysis, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing. 

Each team submitted two deliverables "Business Model Canvas" and "First Prototype with an Open-Source model usage", and each team requires one to two participants with a background in IT. The primary goal of the competition was to create the most innovative business idea with a foundational AI application. 

To support all participants we provided helpful workshops explaining the models, as well as assistance during the event from Industry Experts

Videos of our last Makeathon! 
Click here to view recordings of insightful talks and the final presentation round of our GPT3-Makeathon back in April 2021.

The winning teams - Makeathon October 2021

What an amazing weekend! Thank you very much to you all for being part of this Makeathon and making it unforgettable for us! We were really impressed with what all of you achieved this weekend, this was just amazing! Many teams would have deserved to enter the final, but unfortunately, only the best eight could be considered. The finalists were allowed to pitch once again in front of an expert jury. - your Makeathon Team>

1st Place - Team Cabalytics with "CabMate"

"Together with a great, interdisciplinary team, we developed "CabMate" in 48 hours. An AI based web app that supports taxi drivers on a daily basis by predicting where the most demand will be across the city. By using CabMate cabdrivers can reduce their cruising-time and have more productive shifts." - Team Cabalytics

Team members :  Nils Jacobsen (Front End/UI/React-App), Oliver Kovacs (AI/Backend/Data),  Ramona Dombetzki (Front End/UX Design),  Sebastian Wilhelm (Business Case/ML-Dev), Stefan Rummer (AI/Backend/Data)

2nd Place - Team "flyAI"

"AI as a service to enable autonomous drones to land anywhere. Added to this we create a drone fleet relocation algorithm to ensure best coverage of drone services. The Makeathon was an amazing challenge to create in just 48 hours not only a technological solution but also a best suited business model. We are very thankful for the great support and this experience as a team. " - Team FlyAI

Team members: Marcel Schlicke, Mreenav Deka, Nicolas Kolbenschlag, Raphael Maier

3rd Place - Team "Speak Easy"

"At the makeathon, our interdisciplinary team of NLP-enthusiasts has developed "Speak Easy" - a text simplification engine that automatically turns text from "normal" into "simple language" - language that is easily understood by elderly, cognitively impaired, mentally handicapped people and learners of a new language. This way, we improve the productivity of translation agencies on simple language translation tasks by over 85%, thus accelerating the path to tear down barriers and making information more accessible to everyone!" - Team Speak Easy

Team members: Alisha Riecker (Back-end/Evaluation), Flora G. (AI/Data/Pitch & Business Case),  Nicholas Wolf (Front-end/Back-end/Model Deployment),  Vanessa Theel (AI/Data/Model Engineering)

For which tracks can you develop solutions?

The main idea of our Makeathon is to develop a solution with a cross-functional team, which is based on one of the models from our Open-Source Pool. The solutions you will be working on have to fit into one of four tracks: Finance & Investment, Environmental Sustainability, Infrastructure & Public Services and Social Media Platforms. Within these tracks, you can either join a challenge pitched by one of our industry partners (Challenge-Setter), or if you have an awesome idea yourself you can also pitch it, so you can convince others to join you in building a viable business concept.

Finance & Investment

This tracks allows you to develop solutions for either finance or investment issues, where AI is utilised to handle funds of companies and governments. It encapsulates all kinds of problems, from how we interact with capital, to predicting outcomes for future endeavours.

Environmental Sustainability

In this track you can conceptualise ideas which work towards preserving our planet. This topic covers different domains, such as, climate change, biodiversity, clean air, cleanliness of water etc.

Infrastructure & City Services

Here one can develop AI solutions for improving the infrastructure of cities, architectural design, and public services. These services are available in our society and/or are provided by the government.

Social Impact

This track enables you to focus on the action, which may affect people and the communities. In this track, one can work on both the prime examples of AI in social media (use-tailored feeds, content generation etc.) and AI in social good to unlock the opportunity for positive impact throughout the society.

Which AI models are in the Open-Source Pool?

Sequence Models & Regression

Regression analysis is a predictive technique (forecasting) which helps to predict business insights. This approach is also used to detect which attributes directly influence the observed outcome.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is based on the two operations detection and classification. An object can be easily detected, given at least one image as input data, all while simultaneously being classified.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing gives the ability to computers to understand text and speech, at the same level as humans do. These AI models also enable the verbal communication between human and machine.

When does the Makeathon take place?

Application Deadline

3rd of October

Submit your application before the 3rd of October.

Selection Process

4th of October

You will get informed via email whether you have been accepted and will get to be part of this amazing event.

Challenge Pitch
and Team Finding event

6th - 8th of October

Here you get the chance to either pitch your own idea or listen to the other pitches. Afterwards, a team finding event will take place where you can discuss the presented projects with the other participants and form you interdisciplinary team. These events will take place in the evening.

Workshops and Business Talks

11th - 14th of October

Use the workshops to get helpful insights into AI as well as how business modeling works. Join business talks and get inspired by entrepreneurs or industry experts. The workshops and business talks will also happen in the evening and the exact dates will follow.


15th - 17th of October

You have 48 hours to develop a proof of concept with your team in order to provide the following deliverables at the end of the Makeathon:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • First prototype with open source AI model

After pitching your results on Sunday afternoon, a jury of experts will select the winning teams for each track. Fantastic prizes are waiting!

Why join the Makeathon?

Maximillian Weiß

Lead of the winning team,
GPT-3 Makeathon

"  The first Makeathon of was an event that will be positively remembered for its perfect planning, execution and atmosphere. A special feature compared to other, classic hackathons was certainly the wide spread of disciplines of the participants. Even within our team, it was a great enrichment to unite specialists from the fields of medicine, computer science and business administration.
 I can only recommend anyone who wants to get to grips with one of the most exciting topics of our time to take part in one of's Makeathons."

Fun activities

Of course, you don't work all the time,
stay tuned for fun activities including
a meme challenge.

Make new friends

Meet and socialize with many
new people despite the restrictions
imposed by COVID-19.


Win a Mentorship Program
sponsored by the TUM Venture Labs
 or other cool prizes.

All backgrounds

Get to know students
from other backgrounds and
learn from each other.

Revolutionize your domain

Get exclusive access
to the world´s most powerful
language AI to tackle real-world
business problems.


Join insightful workshops
and business talks and get help
from mentors and experts
from the industry.

Which partners support our makeathon?


Challenge Setters

Speakers & Supporters

Any questions left?

The whole concept of our Makeathon is to build upon the idea of cross-functional teams. Therefore, we are looking forward to all kinds of skill sets relevant for our Makeathon (see question "What if I already have a team?"). AI will impact every domain. Yours too. Join and find out how!

A Makeathon is a fun event that brings together like-minded people from different backgrounds to collaborate and rapidly build new innovative products.

No, you don’t need a team. A team-finding event will take place at the beginning of October where you can form your cross-functional team which can consist of up to 5 people.

In order to fulfil the deliverables "Business Model Canvas" and "first prototype with an AI model usage", your team should cover tech, AI, and business skills as well as domain knowledge for your corresponding track (see application formula). As long as this is fulfilled and your team has a max. of 5 people, you can work with whoever you would like. Therefore it will not matter if you already have a team before the start of the event.

Note: Of course, one person can have more than one skill or domain knowledge, for example, two participants could already fulfil the four requirements (tech, AI, and business skill and domain knowledge).

We will provide a jury of experts who will examine your solutions and evaluate them fairly.

Contact us at, we will surely find a solution ;)

Everyone around the world is welcomed to apply. After the application deadline on the 30th of September, a selection process will follow since we have a certain limit on the number of participants.

The event will take place online. Apart from your laptop, your daily supplies and some sleep, you don't need anything.

This year the event will take place online. But rest assured, we have planned the day to nonetheless be unforgettable. So it will be a unique opportunity to get to know other students, which is quite hard in times of Corona.

Feel free to contact us at

The main event will take on the weekend from 15th to 17th of October. Here you use the 48 hours to the best of your ability to develop your innovative idea together with your teammates. The workshops, business talks, challenge pitches, and the team finding event will be very casual and happen during the evenings beforehand. The exact dates for these events will be announced at the beginning of October via email. #excellence

Stay in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you