What is TUM.ai all about?

Learn about our current activities and projects


During the semester we partner with selected companies to form symbiotic relationships where our talented students  work on real industry projects and provide consulting to push AI  solutions into new domains. 

WORKSHOPS and speaker events 

TUM.ai regularly hosts speaker events where our ambitious members as well as interested followers get the chance to learn from professional AI engineers, business specialists and various domain experts.

At the beginning of every semester, we organize an AI Makeathon. In teams of four, participants work on challenges provided by partner companies and develop MVP  applications, as well as corresponding business concepts and pitches.


Industry Project - Presize.ai 

Help protect the environment by significantly reducing clothing returns!
 We aim to create a recommender system for clothing sizes and benchmark it against Presize’s own technology. 

Industry Project - Heimkapital

We develop solutions to make an impact on the financial independence of homeowners by implementing an AI that can predict real estate prices based on population data.

Industry Project - DynaGroup & Veritas PR

We create an NLP system that can paraphrase sequences of text while reliably preserving the meaning, making online content creation easier for smaller companies and non-profits.

PAST PROJECTS and events

MAKEATHON - October 2021

The TUM.ai Makeathon was a virtual 48-hour challenge where each team submitted a "Business Model Canvas" and an AI based application prototype. The primary goal of the competition was to create the most innovative business idea with a foundational AI application. To support the participants, we provided workshops and assistance from Industry Experts

Workshop - Cherry Ventures VC

Together, with an investor from Cherry Ventures, we had an intense deep dive into the basics of startup funding for AI ventures and working in the startup ecosystem. In the session, we learned about the dos and don'ts when approaching VCs, how to create "FOMO" among investors, or how a cap table works. 

GPT3 - MAKEATHON - April 2021

The GPT-3 Makeathon by TUM.ai was a virtual 48-hour challenge where over 200 partcipants developed real-world business cases involving AI with a team of talentes from all backgrounds. Every team got exclusive access to the most powerful language AI in the world (GPT-3) created by OpenAI, a company co-founded by Elon Musk.

Workshop - JINA.ai Neural Search

What is neural search?  Why it is important and what it can be used for? In this workshop  we were introduced to Jina's open source search framework and got to work on challenges such as finding images similar to an input image with neural search.