With over 170 active members, TUM.ai is Germany's
leading AI student initiative, located in Munich.

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"Since founded in 2020, TUM.ai's Vision is to connect students and all relevant stakeholders to facilitate the application of AI across domains and drive positive societal impact through inter-disciplinary projects."

Together with our highly-talented members, we run data science projects with industry, startup & VC partners, organize workshops and our "Makeathon" AI-product development competitions. We thrive to deploy AI solutions into new fields and industries! Do not hesitate to reach out to us, we are looking forward to ambitious collaborations. 

Under the Motto "Connect-Execute-Learn" we aim at lowering the entry-bar to AI-creation and -usage for people of every domain by establishing a platform to make practical experience through a diverse set of applied AI projects. We therefore educate and connect students from diverse backgrounds to incentivize new interdisciplinary AI projects and push the creation and usage of applicable and safe AI in all domains. 

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Join TUM.ai as a sponsor or cooperation partner of our non-profit student initiative. We are excited about engaging with your company via workshops, speaker events or as a challenge setter for our Makeathon competitions. If you are looking for a high-quality, but affordable team of Data Scientists and AI Strategists to solve problems for your firm, consider becoming a cooperation partner for TUM.ai's industry project format. (Student Data Consultancy)

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