Call for Industry Project Partners - OPEN NOW

Join us as a challenge-setter over the period of 10 weeks and get access to our network of highly ambitious AI experts.

During the upcoming semester we partner with selected companies to form symbiotic relationships, where our talented students work on real industry projects and provide consulting to push AI solutions into new domains. In addition, we overtake member sourcing and project management, including mentoring and expert lectures for participants.

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With over 100 active members, is Germany's leading AI student initiative, located in Munich.

Together with our highly talented members, we run projects with industry partners, workshops and so called "Makeathon" product development competitions all around the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. We thrive to deploy AI solutions into new fields and industries! Do not hesitate to reach out to us, we are looking forward to ambitious collaborations. 

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" connects students and all relevant stakeholders to facilitate the application of
 AI across domains to drive positive societal impact through interdisciplinary projects."


Bring together companies and students through projects and events about AI.


Offer students practical experience through projects with peers from the group.


Learn more about AI by exchanging with peers and companies, conducting workshops and research.

We aim at lowering the entry-bar to AI-creation and -usage for people of every domain by establishing a platform to make practical experience through a diverse set of applied AI projects. We therefore educate and connect students from diverse backgrounds to incentivize new interdisciplinary AI projects and push the creation and usage of applicable and safe AI in all domains.

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Do you want to become part of a community of AI enthusiasts and sharpen your software engineering, AI and team skills? Join us now and show everybody what you are capable of! (next application phase approx. April 2022)

Your company or institution is interested in meeting the AI engineers of tomorrow or collaborate with in any other way? We are happy to hear from you!

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