AI4Good Workshop — first steps towards AI Entrepreneurship Labs

This AI4Good Workshop by is a two-fold program in a cooperation with the biggest university in Ghana — KNUST. After two eventful weeks,  on Friday, Nov 26th at 17:00 (GMT/UTC +1), the top 10 teams from KNUST will pitch their projects in applied AI in front of expert juries! Learn more at our Notion workspace!

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WELCOME to! is a student initiative located at the Technical University of Munich.

Together with our highly talented members, we run projects with industry partners, workshops and so called "Makeathon" product development competitions all around the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. We thrive to deploy AI solutions into new fields and industries!


" connects students and all relevant stakeholders to facilitate the application of
 AI across domains to drive positive societal impact through interdisciplinary projects."


Bring together companies and students through projects and events about AI.


Offer students practical experience through projects with peers from the group.


Learn more about AI by exchanging with peers and companies, conducting workshops and research.

We aim at lowering the entry-bar to AI-creation and -usage for people of every domain by establishing a platform to make practical experience through a diverse set of applied AI projects. We therefore educate and connect students from diverse backgrounds to incentivize new interdisciplinary AI projects and push the creation and usage of applicable and safe AI in all domains.



We continuously strive to stay up to date with the latest trends and tech-nologies surrounding AI. We collaborate in cross-functional settings to exchange and acquire insights in order to have a profound role in unfolding AI’s fullest potential in every domain.


We enable everyone to voice their opinions and invite open communication. We aim to support one another and work in harmony together as a whole to reach our goals. As a community, we respect and trust one another, knowing we can rely on each other's honesty.

Action and Ambition

Setting objectives and moving forward is vital for us in everything we do. We continuously aim to improve and set the bar a little higher each time. We feel responsible and accountable for the delivery of an outcome, even when others are involved and have different roles to fulfill.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Our club consists of students from 20+ various majors who come from different parts of the world. We recognize and embrace the power of colla-borative teams consisting of unique individuals which helps us foster better decision making and the stimulation of new ideas.


Do you want to become part of a community of AI enthusiasts and sharpen your software engineering, AI and team skills? Join us now and show everybody what you are capable of! (WS 2021 application phase starts 04.10.)

Your company or institution is interested in meeting the AI engineers of tomorrow or collaborate with in any other way? We are happy to hear from you!




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